Surgery Revisions

Dr. Aguilar’s expertise in facial plastic surgery, ear reconstruction surgery, and body contouring procedures has earned him well deserved repute in not just Houston, but throughout the United States. His forefront in plastic surgery has been remarkable, from his groundbreaking innovative surgery for children born without ears to the corrective and reconstructive surgeries he has performed.

Through a foundation of extensive training and experience, Dr. Aguilar has mastered the art of plastic surgery revision. He frequently performs surgical corrections as a significant part of his practice. Dr. Aguilar is frequently consulted by his colleagues for his expertise in revising and correcting unfavorable outcomes in plastic surgeries. As an expert in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he is known to transform unsatisfactory outcomes into successful results.

“In my opinion, Dr. Agular is the most amazing and qualified plastic surgeon in the country. In early August I was seriously injured after being thrown from a horse. I suffered broken bones which included two nasal fractures. All of my friends and family said that any surgeon could re-set my nose, so I picked the nearest one to me. Big Mistake! Six weeks later my nose was collapsing and the break was not re-set properly. My nose was completely crooked. At that time I knew that I had to have the best surgeon to fix this mess. I was recommended to Dr. Aguilar by two cosmetic surgeons. Being a former face model I was extremely anxious and very worried I would never look the same again. The before and after photos that Dr. Aguilar provided really made me comfortable and excited! The staff was so friendly, warm, and welcoming. The anesthesiologist, was beyond amazing, I never felt a stick in my hand! The surgery went beautifully, very minimal pain and swelling and my nose is better than before the accident. Dr. Aguilar has perfect skill. I love my new nose! I would give Dr. Aguilar and his staff a five star rating and highly recommend their team for any and all plastic surgery.”

-Testimonial. E. Ehrman, October 2009

How and why do mistakes happen?

How patients heal is often a factor in undesired results. Some patients form excessive scarring both internally or externally, leading to malposition or malfunction of tissues. Most commonly outdated techniques, poorly trained or under-experienced surgeons, poor judgment, misinterpretations of the underlying problem, or chance are often the greatest contributor to an unsatisfactory outcome. Rarely, plastic surgery mistakes will correct themselves. The consequences of bad plastic surgery and undesirable results can be devastating, and a solution to the problem should be sought.

How can I be proactive?

With any surgery inherent risks and potential complications are considerations. However, there are measures you can take to minimize your risk before consenting to plastic surgery. It is imperative to know that your doctor is certified in a related field – Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery “ENT – ear nose & throat”), facial plastic surgery, or plastic surgery. Also, it is important to find out what procedures your doctor specializes in, how many procedures he or she has performed recently, and research his or her record with the state medical board. Request before and after photos of examples of his or her results. Discuss with your surgeon your goals and expectations. Plan to be in your best physical health before having surgery, and commit to following pre and post-operative instructions to optimize your result. Ultimately, referrals from doctors or friends and associates that have had the procedure you are considering are the best way to start.

Finally, evaluate your surgeon for the 3 A’s: affability, approachability, and availability. This will give you an idea of how your surgeon will handle any complications in the unlikely event that one does occur. Fortunately, in the right hands, bad plastic surgery outcomes are very rare. However, if you are the “one-in-a-million” with a plastic surgery mistake, then you are the one that most crucially matters!

To schedule a private consultation and to see examples of Dr. Aguilar’s work, please call (713) 521-4777.

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