Giving Back

Beyond botox, liposuction and chemical peels, Dr. Fred Aguilar is a plastic surgeon with heart. In 1994, Aguilar founded the Craniofacial Foundation of Houston, it was a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free medical services to children with craniofacial abnormalities, such as microtia, which is the absence of the ear.

Aguilar has had the unique pleasure of learning to create ears on infants and children who were born without one or both ears. It requires consummate skill and art in plastic surgery. “Sculpting rib cartilage into an ear requires a good three-dimensional eye, and the artistic ability to deliver that takes ongoing practice and maturity. We’ve done 420 children since 1986,” Aguilar says. Ear surgery on children is “very satisfying,” says Aguilar, adding, “It allows these kids to go out in public with much better self-esteem. They feel like they have a better handle on life. This kind of ear surgery is painstaking and time-consuming. A child must undergo a series of four to five operations, depending on whether he or she is a candidate for having his/her hearing restored, explains Aguilar. “Most don’t have an ear canal or an eardrum.”

He retains impeccable credentials. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1951, Aguilar attended the University of Texas at El Paso, wherehe earned his bachelor of science. He earned his M.D. degree at Texas Tech University School of Medicine and did residencies at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery, the University of Texas Medical School at Houston/Hermann Hospital in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and the University of Texas Medical School at Houston/Hermann Hospital in general surgery.

Dr. Aguilar served as the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Houston Public Library in 2002 and was re-elected to that position in 2003. He also received the Jefferson Award in 1992 for his work on behalf of children.

His work is not limited to pediatric ears; Aguilar provided plastic surgery services to men and women through the Ermosa Center for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery prior to his appointment at Baylor College of Medicine. His services include face lifts, eyelid lifts, facial implants, lip augmentation, nose surgery, chemical peels, breast augmentation and reduction, liposuction, tummy tucks, botox injections and much more.

Dr. Aguilar is a proud Houstonian and enjoys being so involved in the city he has come to call home. He realizes the importance of giving back and looks forward to continuingĀ his positive involvement in the Houston community in the years to come.