Cosmetics – Retail Stores vs. Doctor’s Offices

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We all see an abundance of TV commercials offering cosmetics that provide oxygenation, age-defiance, regeneration and over all skin care. These products are massed produced and sold in drugstores, retail chains and department stores. This is convenient for consumers and yields various results depending on how each reacts with your skin.

However, your cosmeceutical skincare needs may be better addressed medically rather than commercially. Consider the benefits of a cosmetics regimen that is overseen by a physician who specializes in restorative treatments of the skin, especially on the face and neck. Your physical will understand how best to utilize nutraceutical ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, co-enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, botanicals, algae, amino acids and protein.

Cosmetic surgeons are often an excellent source for help that goes beyond the ordinary. In fact, they specialize in custom cosmetic treatments targeted to each individual’s needs (not the mass market).

Oxygenating Treatments

Designed for congested mature skin that lacks elasticity and volume, a powerful hydrating and deep smoothing treatment yields visible results. It increases circulation and allows deeper penetration of serums and corrective ampules. You will see immediate results in texture and clarity. After a 7 step protocol an enzyme mask and an eye mask is applied, followed by collagen and elastin ampules.

Age Defying Treatments

A combination of advanced solutions provides dramatic improvements in the health and appearance of aging skin. Dramatic wrinkling, photo damage, and acne scarring are the most appropriate candidates. A full face and neck mask immediately calms and soothes the skin to reveal a renewed appearance.

Synergy Treatments

These customized treatment allows products to be blended together to formulate a personal treatment that evolves with your skin care needs. Boosters, ampules, and serums are combined together as physician and patient discuss the benefits of specific aminos, peeling agents, and nourishing serums.

Regeneration Treatments

Mature dry skin benefits from the regenerating ingredients derived from marine plant algae, aloe, enzymes and allantoin. A full face, neck and decollete treatment lifts and firms the skin. The plant extracts generate cell productivity as the carbohydrates gently form a soft mold over the face and neck, allowing deep penetration of the serums and ampules that are applied before masking. Vitamin C, hyaluronic, squalene, vitamin E and elastin form an amazing bond of essential oils that sink into the skin allowing an immediate regeneration.

Vitamin A Treatment

Retinol A stimulates collagen production beneath the skins surface and in turn increases cell turnover. Vitamin A is a potent active building block that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides a thicker, firmer, plumper skin. This treatment is an excellent beginning to other treatments that may contain other peeling agents. Retriderm is dispensed in three formulas and
the proprietary ingredients deliver immediate results.

Bio Repair Tensage Treatment

European scientists discovered a unique technology to repair and prevent damage to the skin. Growth factors mixed with proteins work to help skin regenerate tissue that is lost in the aging process and to help prevent further breakdown. The repair index number in Tensage Intensive Ampules provide the highest strength of SCA Bio Repair. With and RI of 40 in the ampules
and 8 in the eye cream noticeable changes begin in as little as 7 days.

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