Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Having a noticeable imbalance to the face because of your ears can be troubling, especially on a child. Relieve your children from a self-conscious future and consider the option of cosmetic ear surgery. 

shutterstock_265389515WHAT IS OTOPLASTY?

Also known as “ear pinning”, Otoplasty will change the appearance of a person’s external ears by bringing them closer to the head, reducing the size of ears or reshaping various bends in the cartilage. Ear surgery often is recommended for children as they near total ear development at age five or six.


During the procedure, an incision is made just behind the ears in the natural fold close to where the ears are attached to the skull. The skin is carefully lifted off to expose the underlying cartilage, which is then shaped and pulled back towards the head using carefully positioned permanent sutures.


First, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Aguilar. You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and the results you would like to achieve. Dr. Aguilar will work with you to reach an understanding about what you can expect from this procedure and what long-term benefits you will experience. Every patient is different and we will choose the surgical technique and treatment plan that’s right for you during your initial consultation. You will be asked for the following:

  • Complete medical history including previous surgical procedures, past and present medical conditions and all medications or herbal supplements that you’re taking.
  • Except Dr.Aguilar to evaluate your ear area, including the skin and underlying bone.
  • Photographs will be taken for your medical record
  • Be prepared to discuss possible risk and complications of the procedure.

You will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for your surgery. A pre-operative information packet will be provided that explains everything you should do and know before your surgery date. Prepare your guest or caregiver as the procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours and you will need someone to drive you home and care for you 24 hours after the surgery.

AFTER YOUR PROCEDUREshutterstock_276432476

There is little discomfort post-surgery, especially if the ears are in a head dressing. After the procedure you will have a bandage wrapped around your head, to protect your ears and keep them in position. It’s also designed to apply pressure and minimize bleeding. The bandage will be changed the next day, and you will need to wear a bandage to hold the position of your ears. Often, a ski band is worn at night to prevent the ears from bending during sleep. Once the ear is fully healed, the only sign of surgery is a thin line, virtually invisible, behind the ear.


Dr. Aguilar was recognized by the San Diego Tribune Feb. 13, 1990 as “Ear Reconstruction Master” and The Katy Times (July 8, 1990) “Ear surgery gives girl new lease on life”. Later, The Houston Chronicle (Nov. 19, 1990) posted “It’s Kind of Wonderful: Ear Rebuilding procedure Opens new World for Children”. The Houston Post (April 27, 1992) printed “Repairing birth defect affecting kids’ ears”. Lastly, The Houston Post (April 14, 1993) published “2 functioning ears like gifts from God for a 9 yr. old girl”.